lørdag 23. juli 2011

Dette er helt uvirkelig

 Fra nettforum, men det sumerer opp ganske bra.. selv engelsken min har fått en støkk i detta her..

A large explotion has turned downtown Oslo into a warzone. The target looks to have been the administrationbuilding of the Norwegian government, Not the parlament building itself but the primeministers office aswell as the offices of most parlament members has been destroyed. As of now 3 people has been confermed killed and an unknown number is wounded.

I was in my car about 3 miles from the explotion and felt the blast. most of downtown Oslo is closed down and emergancy crews has the situation under controll.


And the caos continues.. at the laburpartys summercamp outside Oslo 5 people has been shot by gunmen.. Police SWAT teams are on the way and the situation is very tense. Reports of more shots at the campsite is coming in as I type this.

I'm also looking at tv pictures from Downtown Oslo and I can't beleve what I'm lookin at. I drove past the area two days ago, just where emergancycrews and police are working right now.


Total 7 dead so far in downtown Oslo

The maniac gunman has been caught, police working to clear the area.

The people at Utoeya where the youth camp was held, are young people ages from 12-25.. This is unreal..


the shooter is caught and in custody. He will be charged with mass murder and terrorist activity. Max sentence in Norway is 21 years jail..

They where most lightly teens, most of the people at the camp was teens, age 12-20.

They say the number of dead will increese.


The death sentence was abolished in peacetime in Norway before the turn of the 20th century, and the last time it was used in wartime was back in 1947 when Vidkun Quisling was executed by fireing squad for treason in wartime.And for wartime chrimes it was abolished in 1979. Norwegian prisons are regarded as the most confertable in the world, and they look more like a hotell with in cell tv,WIFI and every prisoner gets a dayly salary + a wide net of help to get back to society when the sentence is served.


More info has been releaced on the purpetrader.

He is 32 year old male from Oslo, He is a concervative christian, with connection to the freemasons and extreme right, newnatzi grouping in south eastern Norway (where Oslo is located). He does not have any military background exept for the standard one year as a conscrpt in the Norwegian Armed forces, this he has in common with most Norwegian males as we have mandatory military servce. According to just released info he is an avid hunter and body builder. He has two licenced weapons in his possesion. A hunting rifle and a Glock 9mm. (G17 I guess).

He is police custoty and is beeing interviewed, he is talking to the police and more info on his reasons for this terrible act will be publiced. His appartment in Oslo west suburbs is beeing searched but no result of this search has been released yet. So far nothing indicates any relations to any islamic paramilitary (ie Al-quida), and everythng points to that he has planned and executed this all by himself.

The bomb that went off in Downtown Oslo was in all likelyhood placed in a van parked outside the government quarters, this is an area free to the public and many people park their cars in this area as it's both close to Oslo's shopping district and many people work in this area of the city, and also there has not been any reason to close this area off. New info is coming now, the bomb was a furtelizer/diesel oil device of unknown weight, but take a look at the pictures and you'l see what he did..

so far 18 people is confermed dead, 10 of these are teens aged 13-19, this number wlll rise as not all the casualties has been registerd yet and many people has critical injuries.

The Oslo SWAT team was able to arrest him without injuring him, that shows what the Norwegian police is capeble of. They got him allive and not just shot him dead at the scene..

The purpetraders name is Anders Behring Breivik..


This is insane..

as of 11:00 am local time

84 youths dead at the Island, 7 in downtown.. this is not the final figures, Utoeya is a bloodbath of proportions never seen in this country before.

I'm at a loss for words, one person so many lives...

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